Pushpa Rani

Female Migrant Entrepreneurs in Finland: Survival Strategies, Marginalization, and Mental Well-Being

In today’s dynamic business landscape, female migrant entrepreneurs (FMEs) transcend traditional roles, playing a crucial role not just in economic growth but also as mentors inspiring others. Adapting to local cultures, they break down barriers and empower women to unleash their creativity, turning hobbies into businesses and building strong community networks.

Research Framework

My research aims to focus on challenges faced FMEs in Finland, particularly those engaged in social work, family responsibilities and entrepreneurship. This study delves into their multifaceted lives, strategies for success, and the transformative power of turning hobbies and experience into businesses. FMEs are pivotal in shaping business growth, contributing to businesses of all sizes. Their diverse cultural backgrounds and creative hobbies encourage innovative entrepreneurial activities. Engaging with participants revealed unvaluable insights, providing resources to delve deeper into this crucial area of study.


A comprehensive investigation into strategies employed by FMEs in Finland, addressing challenges and enhancing mental well-being. Objectives include identifying key challenges, analyzing survival strategies, exploring entrepreneurship’s impact on mental health well-being, and providing evidence-based recommendations for empowerment.

Anticipated Benefits

Academic contribution: Enriching migrant entrepreneurship and mental well-being literature with insights into coping mechanism and strategies of FMEs.

Policy impact: Guiding policymakers to design targeted support programs, fostering inclusive economic growth, integration and mental health support.

Business community relevance: Offering guidance for recognizing and leveraging FMEs strengths, promoting diversity and creating supportive environments.

Broader societal impact: This research not only contributes to the academic field but also has broader implications for societal development, promoting inclusivity. The research aims to shape perspective and policies, fostering a more equitable environment for FMEs in Finland.

Embarking on a fascinating journey, this research seeks to uncover the challenges faced by FMEs in their real-life context. Excitement surrounds the exploration of resilience, creativity and strength of these women who confronted with the job challenges and found alternative paths to cope with unemployment. Thrilled to unveil the untold stories of these inspiring women from Finland.

And to make this research possible, I, Pushpa Rani, would like to express my heartiest gratitude for the financial support from the Foundation for Economic Education.

Pushpa Rani
Postdoctoral Researcher at Oulu Business School, University of Oulu