The Foundation for Economic Education has on Nov. 23 awarded 409 grants for research in business and economics, in total 5,037,220 euros. The distributed grant sum has previously exceeded five million euros during the fund’s centennial celebration in 2019, which makes the €5.0 million of the 2023 round a historically large support for the business and economics research. Likewise, a record €28.5 million in applications were processed of which the grants cover 17.7 percent.

The distributed amount includes a total of 1.11 million euros in grants to support 15 research groups. The research groups’ 1–3 year projects conduct research in, e.g. circular economy management, material efficiency, the impact of climate change on corporate supply chains, employee well-being, and the role of media exposure in the success of growth companies.

The primarily doctoral and post-doctoral research grants are allocated mainly to the fund’s five focus areas: Future sustainable environment (EUR 1.48 million), Business renewal (EUR 1.06 million), Leadership competence (EUR 0.76 million), Data economy (EUR 0.67 million), and Entrepreneurship, scaling and growth (EUR 0.65 million).

Included in the decision are the grants distributed to 15 projects in the pooled funds of the 2023 round: Global tradeForestry, bio and circular economy, and Textile and fashion totaling 156,350 euros. The grants targeted to the Foundation  for Economic Education’s special funds cover a total 27.4% of the grants (€1.4 million).

The Foundation for Economic Education Grants 2023 (pdf)

In accordance with its rules, the Foundation for Economic Education supports higher economic research and education, at the university level. The aim is especially to promote Finland’s economic growth and the competitiveness of its businesses.

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