For 105 years, Liikesivistysrahasto (Foundation for Economic Education) has influenced the development of Finnish society by grants for research and education, particularly in the field of business administration. Promoting the economic growth and competitiveness of Finland are overarching goals of projects supported by the Fund. The majority of the grants are targeted towards researchers in their doctoral and post-doctoral stages. The grant recipient’s background may be from disciplines  other than business economics, embracing fresh interdisciplinary approaches. Within the framework of the special funds’ regulations, support is also granted to particular applicant groups designated by donors.

Since its centennial year in 2019, the Foundation for Economic Education has been fostering stability for long-term research endeavors by awarding multi-year grants to research groups. Under the leadership of the Principal Investigator (PI), typically doctoral and post-doctoral researchers work on groundbreaking projects lasting 1 to 3 years. By 2023, a total of 68 projects have received support amounting to 5.9 million euros.

The grants from the Foundation for Economic Education include support for conferences, and research visits which also encompass long-term research abroad in the Foundations’ post doc pool, the Researchers Abroad (Tutkijat maailmalle) program, and the SCANCOR program. The Foundation for Economic Education is a member in the PoDoCo pool (Post Docs in Companies program) supporting researchers’ employment and collaboration with companies.

In 2023, a total of 5.4 million euros were awarded in grants and awards. The portion allocated to research groups was 1.1 million euros. The application period for grants from the Foundation for Economic Education is from June 1st to August 15th.


The grant focus areas, confirmed by the Foundation for Economic Education’s delegation, are part of supporting the long-term growth, entrepreneurship, and business environment of Finland. The focus areas are interconnected and reflect the current changes in the operating environment. A cross-cutting theme is the future orientation of research and education, emphasizing responsibility and the promotion of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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The Foundation for Economic Education’s grant application round 2024 is from June 1 to August 15. The application round is announced annually on the foundation’s website and in major daily newspapers at the end of May.

The awarded grants are published on the Foundation’s website in Nov – Dec. The grant recipients will also be informed via e-mail.