Liikesivistysrahasto (the Foundation for Economic Education) promotes research especially in business and economics in the field of business administration. The mission of the Foundation for Economic Education is to work with close links to business life and to build channels of scientific research, education and business economics also to serve business life in practice. Most of the grants awarded annually are aimed at doctoral and post-doc studies and education. Following the criteria established by the special funds’ rules grants are also awarded for specific groups of applicants. Support for long-term studies abroad is provided, within the Foundations’ post doc pool as well as by the post-doctoral SCANCOR fellowship and Tutkijat maailmalle programmes, among others. The Foundation for Economic Education contributes to the Post Docs in Companies programme that facilitates co-operation between researchers and companies. In 2022 the grant sum total was ca. 4.86 million euros.

The Foundation for Economic Education application round is open from June 1 to August 15.


The 2023 grant focus areas, as confirmed by the Foundation for Economic Education delegation are:

  • Data economy
  • Business renewal
  • Entrepreneurship, scaling and growth
  • Future-sustainable environment
  • Leadership competence

The focus areas form an optional application criterion in the grant round.


The Foundation for Economic Education’s 2023 grant application round is from June 1 to August 15. The application round is announced annually on the foundation’s website and in major daily newspapers at the end of May.

The awarded grants are published on the Foundation’s website in November. The grant recipients will also be informed via e-mail.