Foundation for Economic Education

Purpose and mission

The Foundation for Economic Education is an association founded by Finnish businessmen in 1919, and its over 1,100 members belong to 17 regional committees.

We support research and education in business and economics primarily through grants. Most of the profits of funds donated to us are used for grants; the other operating costs amount to less than 15%. Donations made to us maintain their real value in designated funds, which the donators name. Our investment activities are based on long-term balancing of profitability and risk.

Each year we provide some three million euros worth of grants through an application process to business economists in different stages of their careers. In addition to grants, the Foundation for Economic Education has in 2008–2011 participated in Aalto University’s foundation capital fundraising by donating 22 million euros to the university, and has also donated altogether 3.4 million euros to other Finnish universities providing business education.

Most of the awarded grants are used for academic research. Read more about research supported by us in our Grant Blog! We also publish awarded grants on our website.

About half of the grants are awarded from special funds of which many are founded by famous Finnish businessmen. There are already 239 designated donor and special funds.

In 2013 a sum of altogether 84,1 million euros in real value was donated to the Foundation for Economic Education. According to the December 31, 2013 market value, the foundation’s assets are over 100 million euros.

The Foundation for Economic Education is a member of the Council of Finnish Foundations. The Council is the joint cooperation body of grant-awarding foundations and funds. The members of the Council comply with good governance of foundations.