Regional Activity

Each year the members from particular regions, belonging to the Foundation for Economic Education´s supporters association, select regional committees from among themselves. There are altogether 16 regional committees.

The voluntary work conducted by the regional committees is indispensable, in both acquiring new members and in founding new specialized funds.

The committees also assess grant applications from their respective regions. The regions are mostly based on the regional division of the Finnish chambers of commerce. The association’s board has approved the regional committees’ rules of procedure in autumn 2001.

Chairpersons and secretaries of the regional committees:

South Karelia (Lappeenranta)
chairperson: CEO Tuomo Räsänen
vice-chairperson: Professor Jaana Sandström
secretary: Post-doctoral researcher Elena Ruskovaara

Southern Ostrobothnia (Seinäjoki)
chairperson: Branch Manager Arto Kalpamaa
secretary: Business College graduate Markus Kurikka

Central Ostrobothnia (Kokkola)
chairperson: Commercial Counsellor Martti Eurola
secretary: Executive Assistant Kati Bång

Central Finland (Jyväskylä)
chairperson: CEO Vesa-Pekka Kangaskorpi
vice-chairperson: CEO Tuomo Kantola
secretary: Professor Jukka Pellinen

chairperson: Professor Mervi Niskanen
secretary: Lecturer Kari Kinnunen

Kymenlaakso (Kotka)
chairperson: MScBA Kari Hakkarainen
secretary: CEO Anja Salonsaari

chairperson: CEO Kari Manninen
secretary: CEO Mirja Haavikko

Tavastia (Häme)
chairperson: CEO Jukka Anttonen
vice chairperson: Director Katri Pietilä
secretary: Lic.Sc Ulla Weijo

North Karelia (Joensuu)
chairperson: D.Sc.(Econ.) Osmo Ruuskanen
vice-chairperson: Professor Pentti Maljojoki
secretary: CEO Seppo Pusa

Northern Finland (Oulu)
chairperson: Commercial Counsellor Ilkka Lantto
secretary: CEO Jaakko Okkonen

chairperson: CEO Matti Ratsula
secretary: Professor Jari Multisilta

chairperson: Chairman of the Board Pekka Kuusisto
secretary: CEO Iiro Marva

chairperson: CEO Erkki Solja
secretary: Secretary Tiina Niemi

chairperson: Chairman of the Board, D.Sc. Juha V. Virtanen
secretary: Information Officer Marja-Leena Hilke

chairperson: Rector Jari Kuusisto
secretary: External Relations Manager Mika Palosaari

Helsinki Metropolitan Area
In the Uusimaa area, the tasks of the regional committee are handled by the board´s working committee and the foundation’s Helsinki office.