Application round 2018

Foundation for Economic Education grants for business economics are open for application 1.6.-15.8.2018

Call for applications

Grants awarded by the Foundation for Economic Education for research in business and economics are available for application from June 1 to August 15, 2018.

The application is submitted in the electronic application system of the Foundation for Economic Education website. The application system is closed at the end of the period on August 15, 2018 at 24 pm (+3 UTC). The application or its attachments cannot be submitted by email. Neither is it possible to submit an application by letter.

The grants are awarded for the calendar year following the application round with the exception of conference and other research trips which may take place already as of October 1 of the application year.  In such case a notice of approval or an invitation by the organizer in charge is a prerequisite. Previously awarded grants and grant applications submitted to other funds but currently pending must be mentioned in the application form.

Grant decisions are announced on the Foundation website at the latest at the end of November. Grant recipients will also be notified by letter or email about the decisions.

Focus areas of the 2018 grant round

As defined by the Foundation for Economic Education board there are focus areas applied to the grant round. Focus areas are intended for research and other projects which in the long term open new possibilities in supporting Finland’s economic growth, entrepreneurship, and business. In the 2018 grant round special emphasis is upon:

  • digitalization facilitating business and economics
  • entrepreneurship (e.g., entrepreneurship education, research-oriented startup, intrapreneurship)
  • research and other projects concerned with obstacles, identifying norms, and regulation of businesses and entrepreneurship
  • renewal of industries and organizations
  • management of companies and leadership education.
Special funds

Specific groups of applicants may be awarded grants according to the criteria established in the rules of special funds. Applicants may address an application to a special fund only in the following cases:

Erkki Hämäläisen rahasto awards grants for research on information and service economy mainly for twelve-month periods of full-time doctoral or post doctoral studies. The special fund may additionally grant awards for people wishing to pursue scientific research after a career in business.

Kari Kaarnalahden opintorahasto supports studies and teaching leading to international sales skills and promotes commercial know-how and thinking in economics. The special fund may additionally support multidisciplinary complementary education. Grants may be awarded, e.g. to promote international sales skills of people with a decree in technics in view of commercial studies and, conversely, for people with a degree in business in view of studies in technics.

Liiketalouden liiton rahasto supports the Liiketalouden liitto registered association’s educational activity and education of its members.

SKO – Suomen kauppa- ja kulttuuriopettajat ry:n Juhlarahasto promotes business cultivation and entrepreneurship in Finland by awarding grants for training and research, for the professional development of teachers in business and culture as well as for international interaction.

Taloustoimittajien 50-vuotisjuhlarahasto accepts grant applications from the Taloustoimittajat registered association’s members for the purposes of educational, research, and publishing projects in their respective fields.

Submitting an application

A grant application is submitted via the electronic grant system. The applicant must first sign up as a user of the system. The topic or field of the research as well as one of the following intended uses are to be selected:

  • Thesis
  • Other scientific research (post doc)
  • Conference
  • Research visit or other trip in conjunction with academic studies
  • Organizing a conference or a seminar
  • Degree abroad
  • Preparation of teaching materials
  • Other intended use

Previously awarded grants or grant applications submitted to other funds but currently pending must be mentioned in the application. The application and its required attachments are submitted electronically only. The application system is closed at the end of the application period on August 15, 2018 at 24 p.m. (+ 3 UTC).

Supervisor’s statement

It is important to get a statement from the supervising professor especially when applying for a grant for doctoral studies. The supervisor is required to submit a statement no later than August 15 in the electronic reference system. The statement may be in Finnish or in English.

Attachments to the application form

Please add in the numbered order attachments 1 – 3, or, depending on your application attachments 1 – 4.

  1. a one-page project presentation (the research or study plan in a “nut shell” including estimated costs)
  2. an up-to-date research or study plan of a maximum length of 3–5 pages including the objectives and methods of the research as well as an estimated project schedule and a funding plan
  3. a curriculum vitae (CV)
  4. depending on the application possibly one of the following:
    – a notice of approval or an invitation by the organizer in charge for conferences and other trips if taking place already in 2018 (as of October 1)
    – a one-page intermediate report when applying for a continuation grant in a project previously supported by the Foundation for Economic Education (accomplished results and future goals)
    – a work certificate or educational diplom specifically worthy of mention with regard to the project (neither Master’s nor Doctoral degree certificates are to be submitted).

Read more on the characteristics of a good application:  Application guidelines.