The Foundation for Economic Education granted EUR 4.44 million in the 2022 round

The Foundation for Economic Education has on 23 Nov. 2022 awarded 317 grants, a total of 4,441,100 euros, for research in business economics. Grants cover 22.4% of the applied amount of 19.82 million euros. About half of the grant amount goes to personal dissertation or post-doc research. After the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic have been eased, conference trips, research visits and the organization of conferences are also strongly featured in the grants.

The amount distributed includes a total of 1.11 million euros in grants to 14 research groups for 1–3 year projects. In the projects of the research groups feature, e.g. data strategy in business operations, connections between work well-being and productivity in managing remote and hybrid work, inclusivity in consuming and producing games, innovation models of growth companies, and value chains of circular economy stakeholders.

The grants are mainly placed in the fund’s five focus areas: Future sustainable environment (1.06 million euros), Business renewal (0.90 million euros), Data economy (0.75 million euros), Entrepreneurship, scaling and growth (0.71 million euros) EUR) and Leadership competence (0.56 million euros).

The special funds of the Foundation for Economic Education cover 26.0% (1.15 million euros) of the grants. In the pooled funds Global trade, Leadership and business management, and Forestry, bio and circular economy, support was targeted to 22 projects in the amount of ca. 200,000 euros.

The Foundation for Economic Education round 2022 grants (pdf in Finnish)

In accordance with its rules, the Foundation for Economic Education supports higher economic education, which is built at the university and college level. The goal is especially to promote economic growth and the competitiveness of business life in Finland.