The Foundation for Economic Education grant round 2023 is open! Almost EUR 5.0 million to be applied for research in business and economics

The Foundation for Economic Education grants for research in business and economics can be applied from 1 June to 15 August, 2023.

The Foundation for Economic Education’s 2023 grant focus areas reflect the disruptive factors affecting the current operating environment, which include changes in the European security environment, cyber security investments, the importance of financing in the operations of startup companies, the transition to green business and Finland’s position in global trade policy and investment activities. Data economy, Business renewal, Entrepreneurship, scaling and growth, Future-sustainable environment, and Leadership competence as the focus areas are related to each other. The overarching theme is the future orientation of research and education, where responsibility and the promotion of entrepreneurship ecosystems are emphasized.

Individuals, research and working groups, and organizations can apply for grants for the year 2024. The research group’s grant application is for the three-year period 2024–2026. Conference trips, organization of conferences and seminars and research visits can be scheduled as early as October 1, 2023. The special funds and the pooled special funds calls for application present uses of research and education close to different industries.

Submit the application with attachments by the end of the application period on
August 15, 2023
(24:00 UTC +3:00)

Chat online: Mon 1012, Tue 1315 and Thu 1012 (1 .6.29.6. & 1.15.8)