Special fund applications

The Foundation for Economic education grant round 2020

In the 2020 grant round, the application can be addressed to a pool of special funds. The pooled funds, which complement the focus areas of the Business Education Fund, aim to enhance the realization of the goals set by donors and the effectiveness of targeted support in grant projects. The application can also be addressed to one of the special funds specifically mentioned in the round.

The pooled funds thematically bring together a number of targeted purposes set by donors, typically close to science or industry. In the search criteria for the round, these correspond to the JEL classifications chosen especially for the pools. The application can also be addressed to an individual special fund, where the applicant typically must meet the application criteria set by the donor to define specific target groups. All selections related to special funds are made using the electronic application form. An application can only be submitted to one of the pooled funds or a special fund at a time.

The pooled funds

Application round 1.6.─15.8.


International trade is conducted through dynamic networks and flows of people, commodities and information. Trade facilitates the exchange of commodities and practices, involving value chains, global traders and commodities in many different ways. Business approaches, including, for example, emphasis on logistics, trade policy, and commercial shipping, bring new insights and knowledge about the role of global trade in creating economic growth and world trade in goods.

  • Foreign trade, import and export trade
  • JEL classes:
    • F1 Trade
    • F2 International Factor Movements and International Business
    • F4 Macroeconomic Aspects of International Trade and Finance
    • F6 International economics
    • L81 Retail and Wholesale Trade, e-Commerce
    • L91 Transportation: General
    • O24 Trade Policy • Factor Movement Policy • Foreign Exchange Policy
    • Q17 Agriculture in International Trade


Existing organizations need a responsible, effective, and strong vision of how businesses and organizations are managed locally and internationally. Management skills and standards, knowledge and information exchange, and the reform of business practices in private companies and public entities both maintain and create new economic and social opportunities.

  • Application of information technology and knowledge management, international business management, sales leadership education
  • JEL classes:
    • M10 Business Administration and Management: General
    • M12 Personnel Management, Excecutives; Excecutive Compensation
    • M15 IT Management
    • M16 International Business Administration
    • M54 Labor Management


The circular economy and related entrepreneurial ecosystems are a growing sector where economic and ecological values are combined into sustainable business practices. Stakeholders involved in the circular economy provide solutions to resource depletion and environmental pollution. New attitudes and behaviors need new business models and processes as well as new partnerships that create and support a circular economy while being economically viable and competitive.

  • Sustainable development, recycling, circular economy
  • JEL classes:
    • Q00 General
    • Q01 Sustainable Development
    • M14 Corporate Culture • Diversity • Social Responsibility
    • O14 Industrialization • Manufacturing and Service Industries • Choice of Technology
    • O35 Social Innovation

Applications will also be evaluated according to the most common application criteria.

Other special funds

Application round 1.6.─15.8.

Following the criteria established by the special funds’ rules and the Foundation for Economic Education’s guidelines, grants may also be awarded for specific groups of applicants and for purposes narrower than those provided in the Foundation’s rules. During the grant round, applicants may target their applications to the following special funds (in the electronic grant system):

  • Liiketalouden liiton rahasto supports Liiketalouden liitto registered association’s educational activity and education of its members.
  • SKO – Suomen kauppa- ja kulttuuriopettajat ry:n Juhlarahasto promotes business cultivation and entrepreneurship in Finland by awarding grants for training and research, for the professional development of teachers in business and culture as well as for international interaction.
  • Taloustoimittajien 50-vuotisjuhlarahasto accepts grant applications from the Taloustoimittajat registered association’s members for the purposes of educational, research, and publishing projects in their respective fields.
  • Teknisen Kaupan Liiton 100-vuotisjuhlarahasto provides support for technical research and training to promote commerce while taking into account the views eventually presented by the Teknisen Kaupan Liitto registered association (the Association of Finnish Technical Traders) on the subject or on the research topic to be financed.

Applications will also be evaluated according to the most common application criteria.