The Foundation for Economic Education grants for research in business and economics are open for application from June 1 to August 15, 2020

Founded in 1919, the Foundation for Economic Education has been active in the vanguard of research in business and economics and related know-how for a hundred years. The fund also builds pathways for scientific research and education to serve practical business.

Grants can be applied for by individuals, research and working groups, and communities. Research groups have the opportunity to apply for a three-year grant.

 A cross-cutting theme of the rounds’ focus areas is future orientation in research and education with emphasis on responsibility and fostering entrepreneurship ecosystems.


The following guidelines established by the Delegation of the Liikesivistysrahaston Kannatusyhdistys registered association for grant focus areas will be applied in the grant round:

  • Data economy
  • Business renewal
  • Entrepreneurship, scaling and growth
  • Future-sustainable environment
  • Leadership competence

The Foundation for Economic Education focus areas are interrelated and reflect the disruption of the current operational environment. A cross-cutting theme is future orientation in research and education with emphasis on responsibility and fostering entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Read more on the 2020 grant focus areas.

As a new opening of the round, application can be addressed to a pool of special funds. Pooled funds complement the focus areas by encompassing a number of uses, typically defined by science or industry. The pools cover thematic areas of global trade, leadership and business management, as well as circular economy and sustainable development.


Grants will be awarded for projects to be completed in 2021, with the exception of conference and other research trips which may take place from October 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021. Additionally, as a new opening for the round, research groups may apply for a grant for the three-year period of 2021–2023. Research groups may still apply for grants for projects of 4–12 months taking place in 2021.

Read more on the application criteria for a three-year project.


Grants may be applied for by private persons, research groups and entities. The grant recipient’s earlier education may be from a different field, and new multidisciplinary perspectives are welcomed. The grants of the Foundation for Economic Education are mainly intended for doctoral and post doctoral research work. A grant may also be applied for conference trips, for organizing a conference or for other named uses.

Grant are awarded to researchers and research groups affiliated to Finnish universities and educational institutions, as well as to domestic organizations and entities. In a partnership/network of two or more organizations, the project must include a person’s working with the grant’s portion. People with a vocational master’s degree may also apply for a grant for doctoral studies. Other than Finnish citizens must prove an affiliation with a Finnish university, a research project with the Finnish academic community or an exceptionally well qualified view of how the research may benefit the Finnish business world.

In accordance with the rules of the special funds, applications can be targeted to a limited number of special funds with criteria of particular groups of applicants. The realization of the goals set by the donors and the effectiveness of the support allocated as grants from the Foundation for Economic Education are also enhanced by the pooled funds.

Grants are not awarded to finance Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Master’s degrees, e.g. Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, nor MBA degrees. Exchange programme studies included in Master’s degrees are not eligible for grants, nor are single course trips, excursions or practical training trips. This limitation does not necessarily apply to projects by groups or entities. Exceptional funding for the latter as projects by groups or entities may be considered based on the quality of the plans made for the project.