Special funds in the application round

Following the criteria established by the special funds’ rules and the Foundation for Economic Education’s guidelines, grants may also be awarded for specific groups of applicants and for purposes narrower than those provided in the Foundation’s rules. During the grant round, applicants may target their applications to the following special funds (in the electronic grant system):

  • Erkki Hämäläisen rahasto: grants for research on information and service economy mainly for twelve-month periods of full-time doctoral or post doctoral studies. The special fund may additionally grant awards for people wishing to pursue scientific research after a career in bone usiness.
  • Liiketalouden liiton rahasto supports Liiketalouden liitto registered association’s educational activity and education of its members.
  • SKO – Suomen kauppa- ja kulttuuriopettajat ry:n Juhlarahasto promotes business cultivation and entrepreneurship in Finland by awarding grants for training and research, for the professional development of teachers in business and culture as well as for international interaction.
  • Taloustoimittajien 50-vuotisjuhlarahasto accepts grant applications from the Taloustoimittajat registered association’s members for the purposes of educational, research, and publishing projects in their respective fields.
  • Teknisen Kaupan Liiton 100-vuotisjuhlarahasto provides support for technical research and training to promote commerce while taking into account the views eventually presented by the Teknisen Kaupan Liitto registered association (the Association of Finnish Technical Traders) on the subject or on the research topic to be financed.