The grant focus areas of the Foundation for Economic Education reflect the change in the current operating environment. The focus areas are interrelated, and their cross-cutting theme is future orientation of research and education with an emphasis on responsibility and the promotion of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Researchers are encouraged to carry out pioneering research and to compile and acquire new materials and databases, with the aim of integrating research into innovation ecosystems.

  • How to make effective use of new business opportunities?
  • What are the internal mechanisms for corporate renewal?
  • Geopolitical challenges. How can we better understand and manage the changing business environment?
  • How do startups become SMEs?
  • How to get companies to grow and scale more in large numbers?
  • How to create entrepreneurial ecosystems?
  • What is the role of ownership in companies?
  • How do changes in ownership affect different (growth) stages of companies at different levels?
  • How can the business be developed towards responsibility?
    • The link between climate change, natural loss and resource over-consumption in business: a study of the circular economy.
    • How to promote the convergence of technology and sustainable development? Green transition and its financing.
  • How is the normative environment developing alongside technology?
  • Development of the risk analyzes of the security of supply and cyber security.
  • The impacts of digitalization, artificial intelligence, and data on industry dynamics.
  • Competition policy and regulation.
  • Private and public sectors.
  • Changes driven by geopolitics and the new opportunities it presents.
  • The green transition as part of industry dynamics and a driver of growth.
  • How do we develop management skills in different sectors, in addition to companies in public organizations?
  • How should telecommuting and remote work be managed at both the operational and board level?
  • How do we develop risk management?

The focus areas are an optional application criterion in the grant round 2024.