Instructions for research groups

The Foundation for Economic Education grant round June 1 – August 15, 2019

Research groups can apply for a three-year grant for the first time during the grant application round of 2019. The grants are awarded for the period from 2020 to 2022. Research groups may still apply for grants for projects of 4–12 months taking place in 2020.

Please consider the following research group application criteria:

  • The grants can only be applied by researchers affiliated in one and the same organization, i.e. consortium applications are not taken into handling .
    The Principal Investigator (PI) as the person responsible for the application represents the host organization of the project.  The researchers may come from more than one organization, but they must be clearly part of the PI’s research team. The research and funding plan is essential information on the members’ affiliations.
  • The applied sum of a three-year research group grant is between €150,000 and €300,000. The share for every project year is between €50,000 and €150,000.
  • For a yearlong research group project the applied grant sum is between €50,000 and €100,000
  • The application is submitted by the principal investigator, who as the person in charge of the project names all the researchers, their tasks and allocated working times (e.g. the role of the senior researchers and their allocated working time). As an exception, first-year postgraduates can be left unnamed (in the application “N/A”).
  • Attach to the three-year grant application a 5-8-page research and funding plan including a plan for communications and publishing and a description of the international networks. The first year of the research group’s project must be described in detail. If you are applying for a yearlong grant, a 3-5-page research plan is sufficient.
  • Pay special attention to the attachment of one-page (A4) project presentation which describes in summary the research object or topic, pursued results and their significance for one’s own research field, the benefits of the project for business (especially in Finland) and other societal relevance, and the project’s cost estimate and finance.
  • The CV’s of the Principal investigator and the members should be attached as one file to the application.

An awarded grant includes both the costs incurring in group members’ working as well as the group expenses. Read more from Mela‘s guidelines for the group leader. The group leader is in charge of the possible additional staff and its wages and salary-related costs. A mid-term report must be delivered to the Foundation for Economic Education by the year’s end before the draw outs of the following year.

Answers to frequently asked questions during the application round are summarized in the FAQ.